Monday, August 9, 2021

Is Muama Ryoko a scam?


Is Muama Ryoko a Scam?

Is Muama Ryoko a Scam?

The short answer is yes. Although the product does function as a mobile 4G WiFi router, many of the manufacturer's claims about free and unlimited internet are dishonest and there are a mountain of fake reviews for this device on the internet -- paid for and put there by the manufacturer.

The Muama Ryoko Wifi does not do anything that cannot be done via your mobile phone's hotspot. Muama Ryoko's claims that you can get free, unlimited internet in over 139 countries around the world, is total nonsense.

Muama Ryoko claims with this device you can get your own Wifi anytime, anywhere with no contract or hidden fees. The device is just a wifi hotspot or mobile tethering device and it requires a sim. It comes with a sim that has only 500 MB bandwidth that you will quickly exceed and it will expire in 30 days regardless. Then you will need a data plan with Muama Ryoko or a contract with a wireless carrier and their sim to make it work. 

Muama Ryoko data plans

Before completing your purchase on their web site, you will be offered data plans with monthly fees. Proof that there's nothing "free" or "unlimited" about the Muama Royko.

Muama Ryoko is produced by ames UAB Ekomlite. They are located at Gedimino g 45-7, LT-44239 Kuana, Lithuania.The Muama Ryoko Wifi advertisements and spam mail targets people who are not tech-savvy.  

What is interesting about this device is the amount of effort the manufacturer has put into posting fake reviews all over the web. These reviews all contain the same points and use the same language. The Google search results are so saturated with fake reviews that someone looking for a legitimate review would probably not find one.

As a general rule, any "review" that includes a link to purchase that item, was probably posted by a paid affiliate or is a press release. In other words, not a legitimate review. 

This device is now being advertised via unsolicited email (aka spam). That proves the advertiser has no illusions about the relative value and usefulness of their product. 

Muama Ryoko Ad I received via spam mail

The most compelling evidence that this device is worthless is the fact that the only place you can buy it is from the Muama Ryoko web site and their affiliates. You won't find it on Amazon or any other legitimate retailer's web site.






  1. If it sounds too good to be true . . . . it probably also squacks like a duck. Pass it by.

  2. Thank you, my husband was ready to buy. Thanks for saving him the grief and frustration!

  3. thank you for providing this page. I agree with your analysis and it really seems another case of 'down the rabbit hole.'
    pages of search results are all ads disguised as reviews. There is even a connection from a xxxnewstoday dot com. xxx was one US state name which seems like a legit site, but there is another URL with a different state name. Hence, there is another level to the phonyness.

    I even found a yahoo finance "story" or review which is an ad. Shame on Yahoo to allow an ad look like a review.
    BBB gives it an F, but one customer did get a refund. Only 4 complaints are on file, but the BBB for no-pay clients might not be insightful.

    The youtube video ad seems enticing. As written, papes of results and reading a lot of them all sound like 'greatest since sliced bread'.

    A lot of $$ was spent writing the reviews and creating web sites looking like unbiased review sites. And don't forget the 'statenews'. They give legit news stories, but one had zero local news and no way to contact them. Yet yahoo isn't too easy to do that with either.

  4. Did you look at the URL? It's lovenewtech.CO, not lovenewtech.COM. The domain CO is for the Republic of Colombia, in South America. So, if that little detail doesn't scare you off, nothing will. Caveat emptor!

  5. Thanks for the review Ken. Other than mentally piecing info together from various sources, there is no specific reference in any reviews regarding the purchase of a data plan. Like you mentioned, i can use my cell phone as a hotspot with the same results. I'm passing on the POS.