Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's not our fight

There is a titanic struggle between Shia and Sunni Muslims for control of religious belief and political power. It's a holy war between sects of the same religion for supremacy. Why on Earth are we in the middle of that? We upset the balance of power in the region with our invasion of Iraq and have been reaping what we sowed ever since.

Saudi oil money finances much of the terrorism against Israel and her allies, including the US, and also their Shia enemies in Iraq and Syria. Iran finances the Shias who oppose them, while also financing terrorist acts against Israel and the US. 
At least 80 per cent of Muslims worldwide are Sunnis. Sunni dominated countries include Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan Egypt, Turkey Pakistan and Syria. Shia Muslims are the majority in Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. 
The Saudis are supposed to be our friends but we're bombing their ISIS pals and debating how many ground troops we should send in to oppose them. Meanwhile, our supposed mortal enemy, Iran, is our ally against ISIS. It's lunacy!
The combined military power in the region is enough to crush ISIS quickly but those countries sit on their hands and do nothing. Why? Because it's a proxy war that serves their interests. We are not going to solve anything by bombing or sending more American troops. 
If the US and Israel will only drop the saber rattling and stay out of it, the interested parties can sort out their own issues in due time. It's a tragedy that is both ugly and appalling, but we can't stop it, it's not our fight, and we can't referee it either. 
We have nothing to gain in the Middle East. Europe won't take on ISIS, even though they are being overrun by refugees from war-torn areas. The more we attempt to control events in the Middle East, the more they spiral out of control. We are spending lots of money we don't have, making lots more enemies and wasting precious American lives. And for what?