Saturday, July 2, 2016

Once again, "anonymous sources" "close to the "investigation" say a Hillary indictment is "imminent"

Judge Napolitano predicts Hillary indictment -- again

"Judge" Napolitano is a Fox News flack who has been predicting Hillary's downfall since day one. This latest salvo is based on a lie (as usual) that Hillary aids knew her server had been hacked, when in fact the emails reviewed by The Associated Press, show that State Department technical staff disabled software intended to block phishing emails. So there's no proof the server was hacked and not blocking phishing emails, while ill-advised at best, is not tantamount to leaving the server wide open. 

The Right Wing Propaganda machine creates the lie and then goes nuts over it. Along comes "hired gun" Napolitano to claim, once again that this is all that is needed for an indictment, or a Watergate-level scandal if Hillary is not indicted. Gotta keep the "base" stirred up!

Judge Napolitano predicts Hillary indictment -- again

The Right Wing has been claiming that "anonymous sources" "close to the investigation" have told them that an Hillary indictment is "imminent" for what, two years now? "Oh yes, it's going to happen any minute now. You just wait." This is all part of the same tired smear campaign that will finally reach a crescendo by election day. Then it will limp on for years afterwards, while Hillary serves as president.

Not that I'm thrilled at that prospect, but this endless smear campaign of lies and half-truths about Hillary by the Right Wing Outrage Machine is really tiresome. 

Judge Napolitano predicts Hillary indictment -- again

But I have to give credit where credit is due as well. They have set this up beautifully. The talking point -- "There is more than enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton, so if she isn't indicted we should definitely have another investigation to find out why." Later: "Hillary should be impeached!" <sigh>