Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Kitchen Remodel

Last year in a blog post titled "A Low Low Budget Kitchen Remodel" I showed how I removed a gas cooktop and duel oven from our kitchen, replaced them with a commercial style gas range, and reconfigured the cabinets.

low budget remodel

 It was a good temporary fix but wasn't enough to stave off a complete makeover for very long.

Here's the story in pictures of our remodel:

Jim Larson
Jim Larson, our kitchen designer at Europe Construction doesn't need a fake beard when he works as a Santa during the holidays.

Stored cabinets for kitchen remodel
 First, the cabinets were delivered
Kitchen demo
 Then the demo started
Kitchen demo

Kitchen demo

Outside storage for kitchen remodel
 Since there was no room in the house or the garage to store everything, it was put outside under tents. Good thing the weather cooperated.
Outside storage for kitchen remodel

New floor - Kitchen remodel
 The new floor looks great, but some of the drywall that used to be behind the sink was pretty nasty, so it was replaced.
New lighting - Kitchen remodel
 New overhead lighting with the kitchen and dining room on separate dimmers. I replaced all of the incandescent bulbs with dimmable LED's. 

Kitchen remodel completed

 What a difference!

Completed kitchen remodel

Completed kitchen remodel

Thanks to Sergiy, Paul, Andre, Vassily and several others at Europe Construction for doing a wonderful job.