Tuesday, January 17, 2017

It's not just a "difference of opinion over politics"

Sorry you think it's intolerant of me to not tolerate your intolerance

Sure, not everyone who voted for Trump is racist, misogynistic or hateful. Of course some people ARE hateful and intolerant. We may know someone for years and not realize the full extent of their bigotry until Trump came along and gave them permission to express themselves fully.

Others who voted for Trump have indicated that in exchange for a bunch of empty promises and platitudes, they are willing to tolerate demagoguery, bigotry, misogyny, bullying, near-constant lying, his refusal to do full financial disclosure and disengage from his business interests, and his scapegoating of minorities. People who voted for Trump had to overlook all of that before deluding themselves into believing that Trump is going to look out for their interests.

To any of my former friends who voted for Trump: If you are unwilling or unable to even acknowledge that there is ample evidence already that Trump is a clear and present danger to our republic, then you are a fool who is also unwilling to hold him accountable for anything. Maybe I didn't realize just how bigoted, selfish and stupid you were before, but now you have shown me in ways that cannot be denied, and I want nothing else to do with you.

Perhaps someday, when you've finally realized the damage you have done AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your part in it, I'll forgive you. In the mean time, cry me a freakin' river about the friends who have turned against you just because of a "difference of opinion."

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