Friday, September 11, 2015

Karl Marx Was Right

Kim Davis feels the intoxicating effects of God's love

Religion truly is "the opium of the people"

County clerk Kim Davis has served her God well
and feels the narcotic effects of His love. 

Thank you Jesus! Not so long ago Kim was quite the sinner herself, but she fulfilled her mother-in-law's dying wish to go to church and was inspired to end her wicked ways. Now she won't issue marriage licenses because she says her God doesn't want gays to get married

Why pick on gays and not divorcees too? After all, Kim's God thinks divorce is wrong. Kim has been divorced several times herself, but that was before she found God. So nevermind

Kim expects everyone to accomodate HER religious beliefs, no matter how much it might inconvenience others. And that's really the problem here. People have a right to THINK whatever they want but when their actions impose burdens on others, then it's no longer a civil right that everyone else has to respect. We can choose to accomodate them as individuals, but the government shouldn't treat them as a protected class.

The hypocrisy of these people is what is truly astounding. Ask them if they would support a Muslim court clerk in Detroit trying to force their beliefs on white Christians and see how quickly they turn. 

Kim Davis is being paid $80,000 a year to do a job she is refusing to do and she should be impeached. It's time to quit coddling those who don't believe in the separation between church and state. 

This is where extremist views requiring the accommodation of religious beliefs will inevitably lead:


Conservative Christians are terrified of Sharia law coming to America but they really do want a theocracy, just as long as it's a Christian theocracy.

Currently the IRS singles out churches for privileged treatment by exempting them from the disclosure requirements all other 501(c)(3) organizations must comply with, or lose their exemption. Taxpayers, who are subsidizing tax-exempt groups, have a right to know what entities are exempt from taxation and to review general financial disclosures. The privilege of not being taxed must come with some measures of accountability.

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