Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ken Padgett's Blog

Ken Padgett grew up in a suburb of Washington DC. He joined the army at 17 and spent the majority of his 3 years of military service in Germany. After the Army Ken worked several years as an electronics technician and a master scheduler. He has been self-employed since 1984; first as a desktop publisher, then a network engineer, a freelance writer, and a webmaster.

Padgett created his first personal web site in 1997 and his first business web site in 2000. Since then he has become a very successful internet entrepreneur.

Ken's interest in writing has led him to create several web sites devoted to publishing his articles. Agilewriter contains many of the biography and history articles he wrote as a freelancer. His Guide to Hopi Kachina Dolls describes their history and how kachinas are made, and also explores the origins and history of the Hopi Kachina Cult. Ken has written a History of Blackface and Minstrel Shows that is often assigned as required reading for classes by college professors and high school teachers. Ken Padgett is currently working on a History of Yellowface that details the history of Asian racial stereotypes in the media.

Ken Padgett lives at 3134 Mercer Lane, San Diego, CA 92122. A more complete biography is located at the Ken Padgett Home Page

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