Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Democrats vs Republicans by the Numbers

Our current economic problems were not caused by the Obama administration. The economic collapse, the resulting unemployment rate, and the huge deficit are the result of the Bush administration and his two wars. And now Republicans are telling us that our economic problems are the result of government regulations, especially those on banks and the stock market. Haven't they been paying attention? Weren't those policies what caused the economic collapse in the first place?

Democrats vs Republicans by the numbers

Republican policies have caused a massive shift of wealth from the middle class to the rich, reducing demand for consumer goods and causing cutbacks in manufacturing, which leads to more unemployment. The austerity measures Republicans are now proposing will only make the situation worse. Republicans claim "Job Creators" base their hiring decisions on tax policy, but the truth is that hiring decisions are based on demand for products and services, and demand will not improve as long as the middle class continues to shrink and suffer.

Certainly Democrats have their own problems and aren't a particularly desirable alternative. But history shows that Republicans are a lot worse.

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